TV Ratings Sunday: Once, Revenge and Ressurrection Fall

TV shows drop, possibly because of the return of The Walking Dead


Once Upon a Time dropped from it’s big 3.3 to a 2.7, an unexpected fall but still holding. Resurrection dropped massively from its 2.0 to a 1.5, it clearly can’t compete at that hour, but probably will pull a lot of DVR numbers. Revenge dropped from a 1.4 to a 1.2, the show’s survival seems unlikely after this season, hopefully they will announce it as the last one soon so they can prepare a proper ending.


The Simpsons gains a lot thanks to football  by going from a 2.0 to a 3.3.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine also got lucky with this lead in by going from a 1.6 to a 2.2, the show is pretty much safe at this point. Mulaney’s numbers are still not looking good, but it went a little up from a 1.0 to a 1.1


Madam Secretary goes down by going from a 1.7 to a 1.4, the question is will it last, since it skews much better in older people. The Good Wife earned a 1.3, down from its 1.4 last time. CSI gained a bit with a 1.4, up from it’s 1.3 last time.

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Gracepoint Episode 2 Review

Gracepoint Episode 02 Review

Gracepoint’s second episode is a bit faster paced and all around better writing and acting. In this second episode, the suspects’ list keeps rising, everyone seems to have quite the dark secret in this town. What I enjoyed most of this episode was that we see that this town was all peaceful with all its secrets remaining secret, but when David Tennant’s character arrives he unveils a lot of secrets the people of this town were holding for so long. It’s also well acted how Anna Gunn is annoyed that practically this stranger to town is really showing the town’s true colors, and she is struggling to still keep things quiet for the sake of the town itself.

I also liked that the people on the town are actually worried about what happened, everyone is in a little state of panic. In one particular moment, Miller (Anna Gunn) takes a five-minute break to see her husband and son, only to be interrupted by a father who is concerned for his child when there is a killer out there. These sorts of moments are what make the situation feel more real, by adding natural human reactions. The mother of Danny, Beth also shows amazing acting in this episode has she is still coping with this entire situation. There was also some story about Danny’s sister dealing with drugs, but it was a bit all over the place and it didn’t really make us care since we don’t even know her.

Gracepoint is slowly showing its potential to be a great short mystery case experience, which kind of gave me some vibes to Devious Maids’ first season, but Gracepoint focuses much more on its mystery. I just wish some of the characters didn’t look so obviously creepy so we suspect of them just because of their looks. Preacher who looks like a pervert, an old lady with doubtful hair, an old man looking creepily at people, even if they are most likely not the criminal at all. I would hope it would resort more in us discovering the stories of the characters in the long run, rather than make us judgmental right from the get go. Still, can’t wait to continue seeing the big mystery unfold.


8 out of 10

Gotham Episode 3 (The Balloon Man) Review

Gotham Episode 3 Review

Episode Title: The Balloonman

Gotham’s 3rd episode shows us more on what Gotham has become as a city and what are some people doing it to try and fix it. Before there was Batman, there was Balloonman. It’s a bit silly like it sounds but is still a unique idea, where a man ties corrupt people to a balloon and let them die in the air. The episode served more as an analysis for all the characters, with Gordon having confusions of what path to take if any at all with the current state of the city. We also get some glimpses of young Bruce seeing that the city needs a hero, but it’s done carefully here, without making him jump out and say he is going to become a hero and change everything. It’s also very interesting how the villains didn’t seem to care much about this vigilante, and instead motivates them to take control of the city, as the city’s crime leader isn’t as strong as he used to be.

Fish Mooney again appears in this one, pretty much confirming us she is definitely a regular, but I wish we could see her do scenes outside of her building for a change. Still, she is as strong as ever with her clever acting, this time she is charging up again after Falcone’s warning in the last episode. Selina Kyle also made a short return here, sadly her interesting plot didn’t really last that long, they never seem to let the girl shine for once. Cooblepot also keeps on slowly transforming into what he will eventually become and I think it’s a great idea to see, probably by the season finale he will be ready.

One weak element this time around was Barbara Gordon’s subplot with one of the Major Crimes detectives, where out of nowhere, they were apparently lovers. I am not against having two women love each other, but it simply didn’t really move the plot at all or supports anything interesting to it. Up to this point Barbara Gordon has been a hit or miss character but still likable enough, and she still is but don’t make her have weak moments with other pointless characters. The Major Crimes detectives make my eyes roll every time, they feel really pointless to the show and they are really starting to get annoying. Hopefully, Fish Mooney will eventually dispatch them or something, sorry Gordon but I am another victim of Gotham’s darkness.

Despite this, Gotham is still a solid show with an amazing cast for the most part, some really nice visual presentation and pretty well written story. Let’s just hope the show doesn’t get stuck too much along the way in its story. Granted, all shows eventually have their slow moments, but at least keep the most interesting characters take more focus even on the slow episodes. Heck I could have an entire episode of just Fish Mooney and Falcone talking, their conversations are always so intense, it’s like their fighting in their minds with lightsabers or something.


8 out of 10

Manhattan Love Story (Pilot) Review

Manhattan Love Story Pilot Review


Manhattan Love Story is a new comedy that relies more on hearing the character’s thoughts on his or her mind, in order to deliver quite a few laughs. It definitely succeeds in that end, I did laugh quite a bit, perhaps even more than Selfie. However, I never felt invested with the show itself, it never quite showed me a real plot to follow. In more basic terms, the show didn’t give me a reason to care to watch more, when I can just watch that episode and think they lived happily ever after. The background of the characters was also very poor and boring, one guy works at designing trophies, while the girl works at an office that I never understood what it was supposed to be as it looked like a space that had not been completed on set. Yes, the idea was to show that the office is a mess due to their debts and the fact that a lot of employees are getting fired, but again I wasn’t convinced and it didn’t feel funny, it felt tacked on.

That’s not to say the show is a total lost, Analeigh Tipton (Dana) and Jake McDorman (Peter) do a great job in expressing what they feel when they are not talking and instead we hear their minds. The thoughts in their mind idea works well, as I definitely felt identified with their thoughts in their different situations. However, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between the actors, they felt awkward together. Contrary to Selfie, where the two leads work better together, here is the complete opposite. Granted, the idea was to make them feel awkward on their first date, but it always looked like a disastrous date instead of a date with a somewhat promising future later on. I think Manhattan Love Story is a good idea but without a good story or plot to move it forward, we will see if later on they figure out a way to put in a real plot.


6.5 out of 10

The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

Episode Title: Mystery of the Dead Date


In this second episode, the show is much stronger, putting aside more the kids, and instead focus on Laura and her quirkyness and it definitely works. What I am definitely enjoying of this show as well is that the crimes that Laura investigates are actually pretty interesting, and solving them becomes a fun task for the cast. Laura’s partner Billy Soto also proves to be a fun pairing for Laura in this episode when she has to go on mystery dates in order to find the killer.


Last time, I didn’t spoke of Laura’s Husband Jake to avoid spoilers, but now that he is the new boss it provides a fun dynamic as well. Although I hope Josh Lucas can deliver a bit more, because so far he is not convicing in the role of being the boss with experience. Still, the reason you’re most likely watching is because of Debra Messing, and she definitely delivers. Can’t wait to see this show keep growing in quality.


8 out of 10

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 2 Premiere Episode Review

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 2 Premiere

Episode Review

Episode Titled: Shadows


Marvel’s Agents of Shield return and this time, they perform a much better premiere than the first season. The tone of the show started to adjust back when the show started to go through the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but here we see a total commitment to a much more serious show with only minor humor to balance it. The show picks up right where it left off, with now Coulson being the director of what is left of Shield in order to wipe all traces of Hydra. All the last season team members return, except Ward is now kept in a little jail cell, which is good that they didn’t write him out completely. In this premiere episode they also add new team members that are more adult and mature than the previous cast, but seem already annoying and unlikeable right from the start.

The premiere also includes a scene from the past of Agent Carter, and if this scene is any indication of how Agent Carter’s show might look like, it already looks very good. In this new season of Shield we finally see Coulson as a more focused and stronger character like we saw him in the movies, instead of going crazy wondering about how he managed to resurrect. Skye also is now a more serious agent, that has been properly trained by Agent may. Still she shows that things have not been the same since last year’s events, and wishes for the old good days to come back. Agent May is still as badass as ever, and Fitz & Simmons story is actually an interesting one to follow as well. We also get the introduction of a new recurring marvel villain character that definitely has some pretty cool special effects, and is definitely more exciting than Deathlok.

The episode is full of twists that I better not spoil for you, but what I can say is that you will be surprised by how some of the characters on the team have changed. There are also a lot of twists that will keep you interested in wanting to see more of the season so you can see them unfold. The battle against Hydra is definitely looking more formidable than Garret’s vendetta, and I can’t wait to see more of what will the show offer this season.


8.5 out of 10