Tv Ratings Wednesday: The 100 Steady



The 100 steady at 0.5.

All other shows are on Winter Break.

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Tv Ratings Friday: Constantine Up, Cristela Down



Grimm up from a 1.2 to a 1.3. Constatine up from a 0.8 to a 1.0.


Last Man Standing down from 1.2 to a 1.1. Cristela down from a 0.9 to a 0.8.

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TV Show Pilots: NBC Fall 2014 Review Round Up

All fall new shows have premiered, and I have seen the pilot of ALL of them on every broadcast network. Granted, I haven’t had the time to make a review of each of them since it’s really a ton of them so I wanted to summarize my opinion in one paragraph and score of each of them. As well as predict if it will survive or not for a second year.




Favorite NBC Pilot: The mysteries of Laura
Runner Up: State of Affairs & Constantine

A To Z 7/10

It’s a cute little show on how a couple finally meets and get together and start building their relationship. Unfortunately, once you see the pilot, you pretty much feel you have seen the best part of the show, which is how they meet. Showing how their relationship moves along just doesn’t seem as interesting as the concept of the pilot itself.

Status: Cancelled

Full Review: A to Z (Pilot) Review

Bad Judge 4/10

What I consider the worst pilot I have seen this year, which is a shame because it had so much potential to become something special. Kate Walsh is a good actress, she is just super badly used in here. The comedy relies too much on trashy jokes that simply don’t feel any bit of genuine, instead it gives you the creeps.

Status: Cancelled 

Full Review: Bad Judge (Pilot) Review

Mysteries of Laura 7.5/10

Laura starts off as a funny promising show, which sometimes loses its balance with the introduction of the kids of Laura. The kids behave extremely crazy, and it just doesn’t prove funny, instead it makes Laura look like a terrible mom. However, when the show is focusing on the police cases themselves, it can actually be quite interesting as they manage to combine nicely the serious drama with the craziness of Laura as a character.

Status: Undecided, could be renewed or could be cancelled

Full Review: The Mysteries of Laura (Pilot) Review

Constantine 7/10

The pilot is a bit lost, but it definitely has great production values and the lead in protagonist proves to be quite an interesting one. Unfortunately on this pilot, the important character on the episode feels a bit out of place and not well connected, which is why they removed her on future episodes for an entirely different female character. Still, the show leaves you wanting to see more.

Status: Possible Cancellation

Marry Me 7/10

Suffers from the same problems as A To Z. It establishes a fun little story on how the couple keep trying to propose to one another until they finally do. But after that is done, you really don’t feel compelled to see more of what’s to come. You feel that the fun and interesting part is already done, like if you watched a short movie.

Status: Possible Cancellation

State of Affairs 7/10

The pilot has a very strange format going for it. It tries to put together a lot of stuff in order to appeal to all your senses. The idea of the main lead getting drunk and having casual sex seems out of place for a person who is still thinking about her fiancee that died, are you really doing any favors to him that way? It also makes it very awkward when she is speaking to her would be mother in law (madam president). Katherine is still pretty impressive on this serious role, she really gets very involved with the character. Yet I am still not feeling good chemistry between her and the other characters.

Status: Undecided for now, still too new

TV Show Pilots: FOX Fall 2014 Review Round Up

All fall new shows have premiered, and I have seen the pilot of ALL of them on every broadcast network. Granted, I haven’t had the time to make a review of each of them since it’s really a ton of them so I wanted to summarize my opinion in one paragraph and score of each of them. As well as predict if it will survive or not for a second year.




Favorite Fox Pilot: Gotham
Runner Up: Gracepoint

Gotham 9/10

Gotham started off very strong as a show, showing a lot of potential, and so far it continues to live that potential. It’s a pilot that finely establishes which characters will be important throughout the show while also keeping the adrenaline moving without going into too much background. The show has had its up and downs, but is still a great quality show so far with an amazing cast.

Status: Certain Renewal

Full Review: Gotham (Pilot) Review

Red Band Society 7/10

It’s a unique kind of show that definitely has a lot of ambition. Sometimes it felt like a cute Disney Channel show, other times it felt like an ABC Family teen show, and that’s when it starts to feel lost the show. It’s never clear what are the intentions of the show,  plus considering Fox’s lineup now, it simply doesn’t fit with the network either. Sadly, it seems barely anyone knew it existed, as it premiered with low ratings to even give it a chance to fulfill its potential.

Status: Certain Cancellation

Full Review: Red Band Society (Pilot) Review

Gracepoint 7.5/10

Gracepoint does a fairly well done job in building up a mystery of a murder of a young child in a town that is so rare to see a situation like this. It does well in establishing its mystery and its mysterious characters introduced for the first time. Unfortunately, I just don’t enjoy the fact that I am going to see 10 episodes dedicated to a certain event over and over again, no matter how many clues they find, it’s hard to constantly feel engaged and just want to skip and watch the last episode only.

Status: Certain Cancellation

Full Review: Gracepoint (Pilot) Review

CBS Renewal Predictions: The McCarthys on the Doom List

Here are my predictions, those shows in danger or fighting I will explain why they are there. I will do these predictions every week, every broadcast network channel, everything can change.


Dead RIP List:

The Millers

Doom List:

The McCarthys – It is still dropping and its the weakest new show from CBS. It will last its season until it gets cancelled.

Fighting List:

Stalker – It doesn’t have the biggest ratings ever, but due to its timeslot, its the number 1 show on that hour so it could be a positive factor if it stays that way.

Madam Secretary – Considering the football competition, it really does perfrom well and could be safe.

The Good Wife – it could get a final season or end here, it’s always doing lower than Madam.

CSI – Chances are its cancelled in favor of a new CSI.

Blue Bloods & Hawaii Five-0 – weak but ok for friday shows that depend on how much it sells on syndication.

Safe List:

Elementary (Syndication Deal)
The Big Bang Theory (already renewed)
Criminal Minds
NCIS: New Orleans
NCIS: Los Angeles
Person of Interest

Last Season:

The Mentalist
Two and Half Men

ABC Renewal Predictions: Resurrection is completely Doomed


Safe, Fighting Or Doom List


Dead-RIP List:

Manhattan Love Story

Doom List:

Resurrection -It reached a 0.9, which pretty much confirms a cancellation as most shows that reach that 0 number are canceled, (excluding CW).

Forever – It’s the lowest rated show of the channel that has not been canceled, at least in general. But it seems that ABC wants to save it somehow, we have to see where it goes in the end.

Fighting List:

Agents of Shield – It climbed up to a 1.8, meaning that competition is a factor, and it does good DVR numbers so if it continues this number or higher I will move it to safe.

Cristela – Got more episodes ordered, a good sign but still debatable since it hasn’t wow the ratings.

Last Man Standing -Will really depend on contracts at this point.

Revenge – It’s a bit unstable at the ratings and given that it already is on a season 4, it could go either way.

Safe List:

Modern Family
How to Get Away with Murder
Once Upon a Time
Grey’s Anatomy
The Goldbergs
The Middle