The Mysteries of Laura Episode 3 Review

The Mysteries of Laura Episode 3 Review

 Episode Title: The Mystery of the Biker Bar


Mysteries of Laura continues to deliver some fun comedy mixed in with cop drama, but this week’s episode case felt too predictable in the end Still, I definitely know that my favorite moments from the show are when Laura goes undercover in special outfits and starts playing roles that are not so easy for her to do anymore. The kids also made a presence here, but thankfully they aren’t as annoying as in the pilot and their evil stuff has been toned down to more realistic pranks that kids would do. I also don’t like how they are trying to force so soon a reconciliation between Laura and the captain, we know we are going to get there, but let them spent more time separate so they can truly fight for it.

 This scene was cute

Another thing is that they have to keep the comedy natural, not force it down with characters that seem to be only made to make fun of them, like the friend of Laura who goes to investigate how the babysitter is doing. I think he has the potential to be a great character, but it feels they are wasting it on silly minor plots. While it wasn’t exactly the best case, the characters have grown on me and I will definitely keep watching and hope for more exciting episodes to come.


7.5 out of 10


The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

Episode Title: Mystery of the Dead Date


In this second episode, the show is much stronger, putting aside more the kids, and instead focus on Laura and her quirkyness and it definitely works. What I am definitely enjoying of this show as well is that the crimes that Laura investigates are actually pretty interesting, and solving them becomes a fun task for the cast. Laura’s partner Billy Soto also proves to be a fun pairing for Laura in this episode when she has to go on mystery dates in order to find the killer.


Last time, I didn’t spoke of Laura’s Husband Jake to avoid spoilers, but now that he is the new boss it provides a fun dynamic as well. Although I hope Josh Lucas can deliver a bit more, because so far he is not convicing in the role of being the boss with experience. Still, the reason you’re most likely watching is because of Debra Messing, and she definitely delivers. Can’t wait to see this show keep growing in quality.


8 out of 10