Tv Ratings Delay: Happy Thanksgiving Week and Shopping!

There has been a delay in the final ratings of Wednesday through Friday this week, that’s why I haven’t post them. There is some preliminary numbers but I want to wait for the official ones before posting as they often change a lot.


Arrow (Corto Maltese) Review


Corto Maltese Review


In this week’s Arrow, Oliver travels to Corto Maltese to find Thea and see how she is doing. This was a very interesting episode as it was definitely a change of pace and ambience in general, where all the action took in a sunny place, instead of the darkness of Starling City. I also enjoyed that we finally got a continuation of what happened between Thea and father, Malcolm Merlyn. Granted, it was a bit predictable, but it was still nice to see Thea in another direction. I was a little surprised though, that we got to see Thea back again and she already is going back to Starling City. While I definitely enjoy the fast pace of the show, this part felt a little too fast than expected. Hopefully we will see more development of this relationship in flashbacks later on.

The episode also featured Laurel starting to take justice in her own hands, or at least try to. Again, this was something that was pretty predictable to happen but it was well handled here. It was good that Laurel didn’t become an instant hero or anything; she failed her mission in the end but discovered the path that she wants to follow. We also got some really great moments between Felicity and Palmer, which are definitely leading to a pretty cute relationship. Although we did get a tease at the end that maybe Palmer has something evil planned, I hope he doesn’t since I am getting tired that everyone in Queen Industries is a big baddy.


The writers were not lying when they said that this season was going to be a mix of season 1 and 2, where the action will not as instant as ever but it will still be present. It also has taken elements of season 1 in developing the big core story, so that later it will all unfold. Season 2 was probably a bit easier to do as well because we already knew Slade from Season 1, so there was not a need for dragging out his appearance. Still, next week we get closer and closer to finally see Ras Al Ghul arrive to the show and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for our heroes!


9 out of 10

TV Ratings Wednesday: Arrow returns high, Stalker drops


Before the ratings, I have a ton of reviews coming soon to most wednesday shows: Arrow, The Mysteries of Laura, Modern Family & Stalker.

The Ratings


The Middle steady at 2.0. The Goldbergs dropped a little from a 2.3 to a 2.2. Modern Family dropped from a 3.7 to a 3.4. Black-ish gained viewers by going from a 2.6 to a 2.8, the show seems to be safe for now. Nashville went down a bit with a 1.5, from its 1.6 last time.


Criminal Minds drops from a 2.7 to a 2.3. Stalker dropped from a 2.0 to a 1.7 but still managed to lead the night.


The Mysteries of Laura dropped from a 1.5 to a 1.3. Law & Order dropped a little from a 1.8 to a 1.7. Chicago PD is steady at a 1.5.

The CW

Arrow premiered to a 1.0, better than last season’s finale 0.9.


Red Band Society dropped from a 1.1 to a 0.9.

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Scorpion Episode 2 Review

Scorpion Episode 2 Review

Episode: Single Point of Failure


The second episode of Scorpion is beginning to show a bit more the potential of the show, focusing this time on a plot that feels much more realistic than the over the top one from the pilot. In here, Walter must investigate how a young girl gets a virus on her computer and on herself as well, causing her an unknown sickness. Elyes Gabel is also showing to be quite a very good actor as Walter O Brien, this time around showing a bit more emotions than the pilot. He definitely shows a great level of conviction to the role. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters in the cast don’t stand out this well because they fall into too many stereotypes that simply makes it hard to connect them with Walter as a whole.


The other problem Scorpion lies into the fact that it’s not really sure of what it wants to be. It tries to be very emotional, establishing in one way or another connections to the history of the characters to Walter. Yet they feel like bland connections just to have them there, they are still not convincing. It also tries to be a cool espionage kind of show, but it’s still not convincing enough that they only trust these guys to do all this stuff without barely any backup or none at all. Hopefully the show gets some time to develop a bit more, as it seems to slowly getting a tiny bit better. I am just not sure for how long the audience will still be there, when the show finally lives up to its unique potential.


7 out of 10

TV Ratings: Cable Sunday, The Strain still strong!

The ratings for Sunday Cable shows are here, and once again The Strain is the top show with a 1.1 in the key demo. Meanwhile Boardwalk Empire returns strong with a 0.9. While Witches of East End remains steady at 0.5.

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