The Flash (Pilot) Review

The Flash (Pilot) Review


The long and much awaited premiere of The Flash is here and it’s definitely worth the wait and then some. This pilot episode is very well composed, it introduces its origins, what happened before he got struck by lightning, and the aftermath of being struck by that lightning, all covered in one episode. The pace of the premiere episode its very well executed, it’s pretty active, its funny and its also serious at the same time. The writers outdid themselves in making sure The Flash offers a bit of everything for everyone, being a lighter version of Arrow, while also keeping its complex characters and backgrounds. Grant Gustin truly shows he was ready to take on this role; those unsure of him in Arrow will change their mind with this pilot.


The rest of the cast itself isn’t exactly anything yet to celebrate so far but they all do a good job in the episode and it will be interesting to see their developments later on. The introduction was great, some might say, here we go again with the heroes losing their parents kind of drama, but hey at least here only one parent dies and it was not a random criminal. It’s very interesting how the dynamic of the episode changes in a flash (oh yes I did) where we have a serious situation that happened, but later we are cheering and celebrating when Flash is up and running. Although, they were a couple of times that they show did feel it was going a little too fast, at least transition wise. A lot of people know who is the flash from the get go, the reveal of superpowers around the city however seems to be kept secret to citizens for odd reasons.


One of the most exciting moments that probably got a lot of people screaming (including myself) was the cameo of Oliver Queen, green arrow himself. It was great that they pretty much confirmed for Arrow that they are superpowers out there, which is a great way to expand Arrow’s doors in its enemy roster. Not to mention there is also a couple of easter eggs of certain super powered characters from the DC Comics. At the same time, I do hope Arrow stays on his grounded level and Flash stays with his more super powered enemies, this will help keep both shows different and fresh. Although, I do like that we will still have a connection between the characters at least from both shows.


The Flash starts of as the most promising show of the entire season (for now) and probably will remain my favorite due to my superhero geekyness, but even that aside, is still a very well produced pilot. It’s not only the best premiere of the season, but it’s also the best premiere of a superhero show. Arrow didn’t exactly quite impact all viewers at first, Gotham didn’t either, but The Flash has already a big following of 1 million fans of facebook without the show even starting back then. Thankfully, a big part of those fans will certainly be happy with this new show, and we can’t wait to see more of what it has to offer. Oh and don’t miss the last minute, there is a little plot twist to make waiting for the next episode crazier for you.


9.5 out of 10


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