Stalker (Pilot) Review

Stalker (Pilot) Review

I had mixed expectations for this show; Maggie Q makes her TV comeback after the excellent show Nikita (I wish I had the blog made back then) so I was very excited to see this new project. On another hand, I started to see the first reviews of the show and I thought I was going to freak out or that it would simply be awful. After finally watching it, I must say it’s actually turning to be a great show with some intense moments but with a bit of humor to calm down a bit the tension. One thing that definitely stands out in the show are the two leads, Dylan Mcdermott and Maggie Q. They both have some pretty intriguing back-stories that will make you instantly wonder more about them and what exactly happened to them in their lives. They also provide a fun chemistry as working partners.

Some people pretty much write off the show when it starts off with a woman being stalked and is fatally killed in a car explosion. It was mostly criticized because of the fact that a woman is already being killed, yet I don’t understand why the assessment when one of the leads is actually a strong woman. Plus, the show also shows stalking of other classes later on, when a guy stalks another guy. Which is also something I enjoyed from the show, it showed different diverse point of views of stalking. We got to see the worst kind, the too close, the only watching my son kind of stalking, all in just one episode.

Other people also commented that the show tries to promote stalking more than anything, when I felt the complete opposite. The show is not promoting the act, it is helping you understand why it happens, people just don’t become stalkers for no reason, there is always something behind a story whether it’s psychological or not. People go through different experiences that provide different reactions from other people that due to our diversity, it can be any kind of reaction. That’s not to say that “oh poor stalkers they are misunderstood” is the message to be given here, instead it’s simply to know about the situation. The show starts off with Maggie Q telling young students what stalking means, and yet the young students only ask about celebrity stalking, which means they are barely aware of this situation that they need to worry about, either by not becoming a stalker or prevent being stalked in its early stages if possible.

If the show continues the great dynamic between the two leads, and also keeps on developing more and more their stories, Stalker can continue to be an intriguing show. My only biggest worry is how can they make a full season of people stalking without getting repetitive or stale after a while. And that’s when the story between the main characters should come into play.


8.5 out of 10


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