Manhattan Love Story (Pilot) Review

Manhattan Love Story Pilot Review


Manhattan Love Story is a new comedy that relies more on hearing the character’s thoughts on his or her mind, in order to deliver quite a few laughs. It definitely succeeds in that end, I did laugh quite a bit, perhaps even more than Selfie. However, I never felt invested with the show itself, it never quite showed me a real plot to follow. In more basic terms, the show didn’t give me a reason to care to watch more, when I can just watch that episode and think they lived happily ever after. The background of the characters was also very poor and boring, one guy works at designing trophies, while the girl works at an office that I never understood what it was supposed to be as it looked like a space that had not been completed on set. Yes, the idea was to show that the office is a mess due to their debts and the fact that a lot of employees are getting fired, but again I wasn’t convinced and it didn’t feel funny, it felt tacked on.

That’s not to say the show is a total lost, Analeigh Tipton (Dana) and Jake McDorman (Peter) do a great job in expressing what they feel when they are not talking and instead we hear their minds. The thoughts in their mind idea works well, as I definitely felt identified with their thoughts in their different situations. However, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between the actors, they felt awkward together. Contrary to Selfie, where the two leads work better together, here is the complete opposite. Granted, the idea was to make them feel awkward on their first date, but it always looked like a disastrous date instead of a date with a somewhat promising future later on. I think Manhattan Love Story is a good idea but without a good story or plot to move it forward, we will see if later on they figure out a way to put in a real plot.


6.5 out of 10


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