The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

The Mysteries of Laura: Episode 2 Review

Episode Title: Mystery of the Dead Date


In this second episode, the show is much stronger, putting aside more the kids, and instead focus on Laura and her quirkyness and it definitely works. What I am definitely enjoying of this show as well is that the crimes that Laura investigates are actually pretty interesting, and solving them becomes a fun task for the cast. Laura’s partner Billy Soto also proves to be a fun pairing for Laura in this episode when she has to go on mystery dates in order to find the killer.


Last time, I didn’t spoke of Laura’s Husband Jake to avoid spoilers, but now that he is the new boss it provides a fun dynamic as well. Although I hope Josh Lucas can deliver a bit more, because so far he is not convicing in the role of being the boss with experience. Still, the reason you’re most likely watching is because of Debra Messing, and she definitely delivers. Can’t wait to see this show keep growing in quality.


8 out of 10


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