Modern Family Season 6 Premiere Episode Review

Modern Family Season 6 Premiere Review

Episode: The Long Honeymoon

First of, I must say I’m a big fan of Modern Family and I think they definitely deserved the awards they got in the first four seasons. With that in mind, Modern Family’s return to a season six is starting to make the show feel a bit stale. Maybe it’s just this episode particularly but it felt like there wasn’t so much for the actors to play around with. Also, for a season premiere there wasn’t much of a spectacular location or place that could ensue some unique reactions from the characters. That being said, the episode still delivers a few laughs here and there, particularly with Sofia Vergara’s Gloria, who manages to play around with her character more than the other cast members.

I think the other problem with this show is how all the kids have grown pretty big and no longer feel like kids on the show anymore. Luke for example doesn’t feel as crazy as he used to be, and Haley still being a bit dumb all this time, feels a bit too much as well. Phil and Claire’s story was very weak on this premiere, which is sad considering they are the ones that deliver the most laughs. Meanwhile, the Mitchell and Cam storyline felt like we already seen this happened over and over. And even though Gloria did manage a few laughs, the issues discussed on her story with Jay were also issues that have already been discussed in previous episodes. I am still a fan of the show and will keep on watching, but I also can’t deny that Modern Family is starting to show its time.


7.5 out of 10


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