Black-ish (Pilot) Review

Black-ish Pilot Review

With a provocative title like that, you really don’t know what to expect from the show, thankfully Black-ish is a pretty fun new show and right off you can understand why the title. The show starts off with Andre (Anthony Anderson), a father and husband who feels that his family is not embracing his culture and race and instead, they see everything in an assimilated way where everyone is the same. And while Andre’s point of view may be a bit extreme at times, he does clearly state some truth points at the very beginning of what is life right now, making you understand his point of view. Of course, part of the fun comedy is also when he goes too extreme, when for instance he starts to make African rituals, to which one of the character jokes “We not African, we black. Africans don’t even like us”.

What truly shine throughout this premiere are the family as a whole and its interactions. All the characters feel connected and part of the family, the situations and dialogue feel real, even if they are also purposely funny. So for the show to continue to succeed it really must keep this family dynamic going, but being careful with its topics. For its premiere, the topics discussed worked well because they are showing us who Andre is, making them feel true and natural. Yet, they have to avoid overdoing it too much, otherwise it could become a joke of it’s own the show, rather than a respectful and fun way to display these situations and the interactions of this great characters. This one is definitely one that I will keep on watching!

8 out of 10


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