Scorpion (Pilot) Review

Scorpion (Pilot) Review

This is one of those shows that has a pretty unique idea, but isn’t exactly executed very well. Basically, the show is about a young group of geniuses like the ones from Big Bang Theory, but in here they are going to help save the world from deadly threats. In a way the show has its moments, as the protagonist Walter O’Brien remembers things from his difficult past life, and feels a connection with a young boy who is also a genius that is passing through a difficult childhood like he did. Then it starts falling through stereotypes when he meets and becomes ”friends” with the mother of the gifted young boy, and he starts deducing all her life just by looking at her. It’s a bit stereotypical that they always try to make the woman be the first one to impress with his knowledge.

All that sounds great until he and his special network group of geniuses are hired to stop a deadly threat like 24, but without any kind of intensity like that show. There is a lot of drama going on with how to solve the threat, but it gets so complicated and confusing that you sometimes feel the show was not even made for you to even understand what is going on. Then it goes even terribly stereotypical in the very end with an action scene that would have been ok on Fast and Furious (curiously the same director of those movies directed this). All in all, it’s an interesting premise that is really ruined with stereotypes all over the place, and I find it hard to see the Big Bang Theory viewers catching on to this one.


6 out of 10


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