Tv Ratings: Monday, Gotham & Scorpion drop but still strong



Gotham’s second episode drops to a 2.8, but still solid enough numbers. I had a delay for this review of Gotham, but it should be released tonight! Hopefully it won’t drop too much. Sleepy Hollow dropped also to a 1.7, if it keeps dropping, it might start becoming in danger.


Big Bang Theory still strong with its 4.7, and will probably never change. Meanwhile, Scorpion is still holding really strong with a 3.0.


The Blacklist dropped a bit but 2.8 is still a solid number, just not as solid when you have a The Voice lead in of 3.9.


Castle makes a solid return with a 2.4.

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Scorpion Episode 2 Review

Scorpion Episode 2 Review

Episode: Single Point of Failure


The second episode of Scorpion is beginning to show a bit more the potential of the show, focusing this time on a plot that feels much more realistic than the over the top one from the pilot. In here, Walter must investigate how a young girl gets a virus on her computer and on herself as well, causing her an unknown sickness. Elyes Gabel is also showing to be quite a very good actor as Walter O Brien, this time around showing a bit more emotions than the pilot. He definitely shows a great level of conviction to the role. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters in the cast don’t stand out this well because they fall into too many stereotypes that simply makes it hard to connect them with Walter as a whole.


The other problem Scorpion lies into the fact that it’s not really sure of what it wants to be. It tries to be very emotional, establishing in one way or another connections to the history of the characters to Walter. Yet they feel like bland connections just to have them there, they are still not convincing. It also tries to be a cool espionage kind of show, but it’s still not convincing enough that they only trust these guys to do all this stuff without barely any backup or none at all. Hopefully the show gets some time to develop a bit more, as it seems to slowly getting a tiny bit better. I am just not sure for how long the audience will still be there, when the show finally lives up to its unique potential.


7 out of 10

Tv Ratings Sunday: Once Upon A Time returns Strong!



Once Upon a Time returns strong with a 3.4, that’s higher than last season’s episode with a 2.6. Resurrection still doing good with 2.2 but didn’t gain new viewers from Once. Revenge returns low with a 1.4, same numbers than it’s last episode on the last season.


Madam Secretary drops from a 2.0 to a 1.4, either Once is tough competition or people lost interest after pilot. The Good Wife also dropped a bit to a 1.3. CSI returns low with a 1.4.


The Simpsons and Family Guy returned strong with the crossover, getting a 3.9 and a 4.5 respectively. Brooklyn Nine Nine also received a boost thanks to this, returning with a great 2.6.

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premiere Review

Once Upon A Time Season 4 Premiere Review
Episode: A Tale of Two Sisters

Once Upon a Time returns exactly where it left off, with the exciting arrival of Elsa to Storybrooke while also continuing some big plot lines from last season. Some people were skeptical with the idea of bringing Frozen into Once Upon A time so soon, yet this episode proves that it was probably the best time for it. Not only is a brilliant idea, ratings wise, but it’s also a good opportunity to use a story that mostly everyone knows from beginning to end so they can expand upon. This is also one of the great things about this episode; we see what’s happening after the Frozen movie, instead of retelling everything from the very beginning. The production values of the show have also improved very much with even better special effects and animations that I won’t spoil, but you will be very surprised by the improved quality greatly.

Moving aside the Frozen elements for a moment, the show also brings you Rumple and Belle having some really beautiful moments, finally after so many seasons of pain for the couple. On the other hand, Regina’s life is quite complicated as she is undecided between her dark side or her light side. Lana Parilla once again delivers amazing emotions through her character, showing all her sides in just one episode. Regina also seems to be focused in answering one of the big questions of Once Upon a Time, so be sure to pay attention to those last minutes of the show! Rumple also discovers something interesting and important at the very end. And that’s just the great thing about Once Upon a Time writers; they know how to answer your questions, while also quickly bringing new ones to the table to keep the show fresh.


Once Upon a Time is well on its way to deliver a very unique and exciting season, with the introduction of Frozen, while also developing other great stuff on the side. The animations on this episode and hopefully future episodes, is looking to be very much top notch. We definitely can’t wait to see more from Once Upon a Time as it’s definitely one of the best promising returns this season.


9 out of 10

TV Ratings Thursday: Grey’s , Scandal and Murder arrive Strong



The Shonda Rhimes Thursday proves to be the best idea ever with Grey’s Anatomy returning to a big 3.0, Scandal’s explosive 3.8 and How to Get Away With Murder strong debut with a 3.8. We already know which 3 shows are definitely safe this season.


Bones returns okay with a 1.6, still doing better than most Fox shows.


Parenthood returns okay with a 1.4.

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How to Get Away with Murder (Pilot) Review

How to Get Away with Murder (Pilot) Review


Shonda Rimes once again scores another exciting and tense show that will definitely leave you sitting the entire hour. At first you start to have doubts about the show, since most of the cast are younger and you feel it all depends on Viola Davis. Thankfully, the cast here has been chosen well, as the acting is actually well done throughout all the actors, without feeling someone out of place. Viola Davis of course is still the big star of the show and she definitely has an intense performance here, while also making her character the most intriguing. Not only is the cast well chosen, but the writing of the show is nicely done too.

The format of the episode involves scenes from the present while mixing in scenes from a situation that will happen in the future. Without spoiling much, the future scenes seem confusing at first, but they deliver a promising twist in the very last minute that will definitely make you want to watch the entire season. This mix also made the pace of the show a bit more exciting, since most pilots can be slow due to the fact that they have many characters to introduce for the first time. The introductions of each character was well written as well, as each character had their moment where we could see an introduction of their personality and how far are they willing to go to solve a case.

Granted, is still in part, another show of solving cases but in this particular show it seems that the focus will be on defending the criminals. Yet the show seems to make everything feel so grey and intriguing, as if you are not really sure what is going on, but your curious to learn more along the way, that will make understand what is happening. This is also due to Viola Davis’ great performance where you never know if she means harm or good with her stares, her gestures, and just about everything she does make her character so intriguing. This is so far my personal second favorite pilot this year, and cannot wait to see the entire season unfold.


8.5 out of 10